ANTEC MPD Best Paper

ANTEC 2020 MPD Best Paper

“Thermal Analysis and Dual UV/Thermal Curability of a Medical-Grade, Cationic Epoxy Adhesive System”

Xiaoping Guo, Abbott Laboratories, St. Paul, MN

ANTEC 2019 MPD Best Paper

“Reaction Injection Molding of Polyurethane Medical Device Components”

Ian Pierson, Abbott Laboratories, Rogers, MN

ANTEC 2018 MPD Best Paper

“Accelerated Aging of Medical-Grade Resins: Q10 Factors and Material Aging Models”

Robert J. Klein, Martin G. Gibler, and Naveen K. Singh, Stress Engineering Services, Cincinnati, OH

ANTEC 2017 MPD Best Paper

“Tecobax – A New Class of a on-softening Thermoplastic Polyurethanes for Medical Applications”

Anthony Walder, David Cozzens, Waliq Qaqish, Michael J. Wiggins, and Murty Vyakarnam, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Cleveland, OH